No President has faced calls for his impeachment so early in his presidency. Is this driven by Trump’s deep and universal unpopularity? To answer this question, we examined Trump’s presidential approval ratings by political party affiliation from Gallup. Trump remains exceptionally popular among Republicans as shown in Figure 1 below. InRead More →

In August, we examined crime trends across D.C. neighborhoods and made a few interesting observations about the neighborhoods responsible for D.C.’s crime surge in 2015. With Halloween coming up, we wondered whether certain neighborhoods experience a seasonal spike in crime this time of year. In this post, we use D.C. crimeRead More →

This is part two of our four-part series exploring system data from the DMV area’s Capital Bikeshare system.  This post is all about the sturdy workhorse of the bikesharing system, the bright red bike-tank that has become a staple of the DC backdrop.  We’ll explore bike activity and workload patternsRead More →